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Sponsor a Pig

Become a Sponsor today!

If you wish to be a Pot Belly Pig Sponsor for $25.00 per month or a Farm Pig Sponsor for $35.00 per month, we’ve made it very easy. Use the PayPal Donate button below or mail a check to:

Savannah Pig Rescue 2415 Route 89 Savannah, NY 13146

Let us know if there is a specific Pig you wish to sponsor. Your sponsorship will include a quarterly update on your sponsored pig, pictures by e-mail or USPS, and a certificate of sponsorship to hang on your wall. You will also be added to the current sponsor page.  We encourage you to visit your sponsored pig often.

Our sponsorship options are:
⦁    $ 25.00 per month to sponsor one of our Pot Belly Pig
⦁    $ 35.00 per month to sponsor one of our Farm Pig
⦁    $ 30.00 per month to have one of our many Pig Shelters named after you
⦁    $ 40.00 per month to have a plaque with your name posted at the entry gate of a pasture                                                 


Two of our Pigs
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