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Our Services

We offer a variety of services: Erysipelas vaccine, tusk/hoof trimming, farm calls and boarding.


Donate now to help all of our pigs live the life they deserve. 

Welcome to the Shop

Support The Cause-Help the Pigs in Need!

Piggy Pen Gift Shop

At the Piggy Pen Gift Shop, you can choose from a variety of well-crafted items, from t-shirts to coasters. The Piggy Pen Gift Shop has it all!

Every purchase helps support our Pigs.

Sponsorship Area

We have four sponsorship options for you to choose from. You can sponsor one of our Pot Belly Pigs, sponsor one of our Farm Pigs, have a pig shelter named after you or a plaque with your name on it at the entry of one of our pastures. Become a sponsor today!

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