Our Pigs

We currently have 139 Farm and Pot Belly Pigs at Savannah Pig Rescue. All of our pigs are available for sponsorship. 



Durock,  Rosie,  Red,  Larry,  Luscius, Hauss,  Leonard, Sheldon, Kimmie, Notorious, Miss Daisy, Tapir,

Statler, Waldorf, Penelope, Octavius, Bernard, Gemini, Sonya, Oona, Kali, Yuolondie, Ohona, Suzie, Peggy Candice, Peggy (aka Peppa), Beeker, Gonzo, Fozzie, Kermit, and Misty (aka Miss Piggie)




Fiona, Nancy, Juliet, Petunia, Ruka, Casey, Glenmora, Opal, Penny, Timmy, Clyde, Miles, Brody, Cory, Rizzo, Ila, Wilbur,  Hamilton, Morty, Taccarra, George, Oliver,  Oinky, Truffel, Angel, Goliath, Shiva, Puck, Stella, Calena, Roscoe, Alyia, Norm, Zion, Jena, Dottie, Vader, Enzo, Ezzra, Cuddles, Mcgee, Lila, Cedrick, Danica, Daisy Mae, Landen, Memphis, Cledus, Freya, Gabby, Scorch, Peter, Pepper, Gannon, Ravus, Harlequin, Wilbert, Isabella, Rocky, Arnold, Hank, Bay Bay, Eva, Hunter, Patty Cake, Prescilla, Ella, Stinkerbelle, Pigpig, Layla, Chop Chop, Quinn, Albrey, Hamlet, Bonnie, Frankie, Rodney, Sherman, Wilcox, Marcus, Wesley, Tango, Finn, Hayden, Travis, Devon, Soren, Liam, Sasha, Gordy, Baylee, Gordy, Mozzy, Pete, and Arnie












Our Farm/Pot Belly Pig Mixes

Our Pot Belly Pigs

Our Farm Pigs

Our Seven Baby Pigs

Georgie, Pinto, Autumn, Bandit, Levi, Dusty, Zolton and Nova

Dave,  Bronson, Yaeger Bomber, Ceaser, Ryan, Dina, and Margo

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