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Our Pigs

Meet Oliver

Oliver is a 2.5 year old Male neutered Pot Belly Pig. He is currently up for adoption. Oliver loves to snuggle with people and always welcomes belly rubs. He is one of the first pigs who greets visitors. If you are interested in adopting this lovable boy, fill out a Adoption Application  in our Adopt a Pig section. 


Our Farm Pig Waldorf has completely healed and is back with his brother and the other farm pigs. We can still use some donations towards his medical bill so please use the Donate button on the Pigs on the Mend Page. Thank you to everyone who has already donated.

We currently have 137 Farm and Pot Belly Pigs at Savannah Pig Rescue. All of our pigs are available for sponsorship. Check out our Adopt A Pig page to see who is currently available for adoption.



Durock,  Rosie,  Red,  Larry,  Luscius, Hauss,  Leonard, Sheldon, Kimmie, Notorious, Miss Daisy, Tapir,

Statler, Waldorf, Penelope, Octavius, Bernard, Gemini, Sonya, Oona, Kali, Yuolondie, Ohona, Suzie and Candice






Fiona, Nancy, Juliet, Anna, Petunia, Ruka, Casey, Glenmora, Opal, Penny, Timmy, Clyde, Miles, Brody, Cory, Pumbaa, Rizzo, Ila, Wilbur,  Hamilton, Morty, Taccarra, George, Oliver,  Oinky, Truffel, Angel, Goliath, Shiva, Puck, Stella, Calena, Roscoe, Alyia, Norm, Zion, Jena, Dottie, Vader, Enzo, Ezzra, Cuddles, Mcgee, Lila, Cedrick, Danica, Daisy Mae, Landen, Memphis, Cledus, Freya, Gabby, Scorch, Peter, Pepper, Gannon, Ravus, Harlequin, Wilbert, Isabella, Rocky, Arnold, Hank, Bay Bay, Eva, Hunter, Tallulah, Patty Cake, Prescilla, Ella, Stinkerbelle, Pigpig, Layla, Chop Chop, Quinn, Albrey, Hamlet, Bonnie, Frankie, Rodney, Sherman, Wilcox, Marcus, Wesley, Tango, Finn, LadyBug and her babies 












Our Farm/Pot Belly Pig Mixes

Our Pot Belly Pigs

Our Farm Pigs

Our Nine Baby Pigs

Georgie, Pinto, Autumn, Bandit, Levi, Dusty, Zolton and Nova

Dave,  Bronson, Yaeger Bomber, Ceaser, Ryan, Dina, Margo, Montara and Jillian