Pigs On the Mend

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Sherman update: Sherman is 17 days post-eye surgery and doing great. His eye is healing well. We got great news from the histopathology report on Friday. It was not a cancerous tumor. The tumor affected his third eyelid too so removing his whole eye was the right decision to do. Please keep sending healing wishes for Sherman. Thank you from SPR.

Sherman update: Sherman is 8 days post eye surgery. He is doing well, but as Dr. Hall expected, part of the eye wound is dehiscing so it will take longer to heal. Please send healing thoughts for Sherman. If you would like to donate to Sheman's medical bill you can use the PayPal button below or by check made out to Savannah Pig Rescue. His total bill was over $900. Thank you to everyone that has donated to Sherman's surgery. 

Our potbelly pig Sherman had to be brought to Fairport Animal Hospital to have Dr. Hall look at his injured eye. After cleaning, a tumor was found under his eyelid that Dr. Hall thinks is cancerous. We had two options: try to remove the eye tumor or remove his right eye. We elected to have his eye removed and have the eye sent out for histopathology at the lab at Cornell. We prepped and moved Sherman into surgery for his enucleation of the right eye. Sherman did great during surgery and is recovering well. He has a few weeks of recovery before his staples and sutures come out. If you would like to help with Sherman's medical surgery cost you can donate by using the PayPal button below. Thank you and we will keep everyone updated on how Sherman is doing.