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Pigs On the Mend


Update: Waldorf has completely healed and is back with his brother and the other farm pigs. We are still in need of some more donations to cover his medical bill. Please hit the Donate button above. No donation is too small. Thank you to everyone who has already donated.

SPR is looking for donations to help pay some of Waldorf's, our farm pig, medical bill. Waldorf spent one week at Cornell University last week. Duane took him last Wednesday due to two infected bite wounds. Waldorf stopped eating, had a fever and the wound on his right shoulder area was hot and painful to the touch. So off Duane went to Cornell University Large Animal Farm to get checked out. Cornell ended up sedating Waldorf so the team could go in and debride his two bad wounds. They were able to put packing in his shoulder wound with gauze and antibiotics. After blood results came back, Waldorf had developed a blood infection so they placed an IV catheter in his ear and started him on IV antibiotics and rectal fluids. He ended up having daily flushing to the wounds and continued on his oral antibiotics. Waldorf started to eat well and Duane was able to pick up Waldorf Tuesday from Cornell. He will continue his home care with daily wound flushing and oral antibiotics for a total of 10 days. Waldorf has been a very good patient and allows Duane to do the wound flushing by himself. We are looking for some healing prayers and donation to help cover his $2,000.00 medical bill. If you can find it in your heart to help Waldorf, please hit the donate button above. No donation is too small. Waldorf and SPR thank you for your support.