Pigs On the Mend


SPR is asking for some donations for Morty our male potbelly pig who is currently at Cornell University. Morty was taken to Cornell University on Sunday evening for a possible urinary obstruction. Morty was straining to urinate with only a dribble of urine coming out. We hitched up the trailer and made the trip to Cornell Sunday night. We dropped off Morty but we weren't able to stay with him. The doctors tried to sedate Morty to examine him, but after two tries he still was not sedated. We were called and were told they will try a third time. The doctor was able to get him somewhat calm to try and pass a urinary catheter to relieve his bladder of urine and collect blood. Morty was monitored overnight and was put on the surgery schedule for Monday afternoon. Morty did well during surgery where they placed a urinary tube into the bladder to make sure his bladder is kept empty. They will monitor him for the next 8 to 10 days and then they will clap the tube to see if Morty can empty his bladder on his own. Doctors said he was not obstructed so they are not sure yet why he can not empty his bladder. Please send healing wishes for Morty and any donation for his medical bills. You can use the Donate Now button to donate. We will post updates soon. Thank you from the piggies at SPR.