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Our Story

The Story of the Creation of Savannah Pig Rescue

Durock enjoying a spring day at SPR

Savannah Pig Rescue is a vegan-owned and operated organization that started with one special farm pig who was meant to go to slaughter in 2013. Founder Duane Hebblethwaite bonded with this pig named Durock. Duane knew he couldn’t send the pig that had become a pet to slaughter. Pigs are herd animals, so Durock needed a friend. Duane adopted a pot-bellied pig named Shiva from Cracker Box Palace. The sanctuary has grown from there to 149 pigs on a 10-acre property on Route 89 in Savannah just North of the Montezuma Audubon Center. The residents are able to live out the rest of their lives naturally and happily. The pigs are free-roaming and can wander wherever they want. We are a vegan environment in which we promote kindness and ethical treatment of Farm and Pot Belly Pigs. Savannah Pig Rescue was incorporated into a 501(c)3 Not for Profit Business in January of 2018. 

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