In Loving


Bridge Over a Lake

Remembering SPR Pigs that we have lost but not forgotten

Baby Xander 12/7/2016

Farm Pig Stella 3/27/2019

Baby Gracie 10/02/2019

Baby Paxton 10/03/2019

Julieanne 11/05/2019

Baby Victor 11/16/2019

Montara 11/19/19

Anna 12/23/2019

Lady Bug 01/31/2020

Pumbaa 06/01/2020

Wilshire owned by Chris Schutt

Pumba owned by Melissa Martinez

Ralphie owned by Tina Cochran and Family

Anna owned by Mary True

Junior owned by Jill

Jorge owned by the Erb Family

Majesty owned by Dan, Jeanette and Family

Remembering Pigs that been lost but not forgotten by their families