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2415 Route 89
Savannah, NY 13146

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Current Pig Sponsors

We would like to thank the following people for their Pig Sponsorship: Dana Bush, Terry Davis, Michelle Rhodes Banach, Barb DeRoo, Brad and Kerrie Chamberlain, Eileen McIlhagga, Dawn Hayman and Margot Unkel. Sponsors help us care for our pigs. We appreciate your support. We also would like to thank Chris Schutt for her monthly donation, Sue Fox and the Covenant Life Fellowship Food Pantry in Ontario, NY for their food donations.

Sponsor: Dana Bush  Pig: Fiona

Sponsor: Michelle Rhodes Banach  Pig: Patty Cake

Sponsor: Terry Davis  Pig: Stinkerbelle

Sponsor: Barb DeRoo  Pig: Hamlet

Sponsor: Eileen McIlhagga  Pig: Ceasar

Sponsor: Brad and Kerrie Chamberlain  Pig: Stella

Sponsor: Dawn Hayman  Pig: Statler

Sponsor: Margot Unkel  Pig: Waldorf