Current Pig Sponsors

We would like to thank the following people for their Pig Sponsorship: Cathy Lucisano, Terry Davis, Michelle Rhodes Banach, Barb DeRoo, Dawn Hayman, Margot Unkel, Lauren Adasiak Cocilova, Lauren Nicolosi and Jerry, Kendyl, Erica McGraw and Family, Seth Sieger, Amy Terotta, Melissa and Todd, Dawn Marie, Megan Reichman, Jacky Goodman, the 4th Grade Class at Bloomfield Elementary School, Emily Good, Jill Hembrook, Dan and Jeanette Myshrall, Spring Farm Cares, Megan Reichman, Michele Backes, and Marnie Striet. Sponsors help us care for our pigs. We appreciate your support. We also would like to thank Chris Schutt for her monthly donation.

Sponsor: Cathy Lucisano  

Pig: Oliver


Sponsor: Michelle Rhodes Banach 

Pig: Patty Cake

michelle rhodes Patty cake.jpg

Sponsor: Dawn Hayman 

Pig: Statler

Sponsor: Margot Unkel 

Pig: Waldorf


Sponsors: Lauren Nicolosi, Jerry and Pot Belly Pig Enoch 

Pig: Peggy

peggy (2).JPG

Sponsor: Erica McGraw and Family

Pig: Layla


Sponsor: Amy Terotta

Pigs: Layla and Pig Pig

Layla piggy.jpg

Sponsor: Dawn Marie

Pig: Mozzy


Sponsor: Jacky Goodman

Pig: Caesar


Sponsor: Emily Good 

Pig: Penelope

Penelope (1).JPG

Sponsor: Jill Hembrook 

Pig: Dave

Dave (1).JPG

Sponsor: Jill Hembrook

Pig: Gordy

gordy (2) (1).JPG

Sponsor: Spring Farm Cares
Pigs: Beeker, Fozzie, Kermit, Gonzo, Misty Aka Miss Piggy


Sponsor: Michele Backes
Pig: Willie


Sponsor: Terry Davis 

Pig: Stinkerbelle

Terry Davis- Stinkerbelle.jpg

Sponsor: Barb DeRoo 

Pig: Hamlet

barb deroo Hamlet.jpg

Sponsor: Lauren Adasiak Cocilova 
Pig: Pete

pete lauren.JPG

Sponsor: Kendyl 

Pig: Yaeger Bomber


Sponsor: Seth Sieger

Pig: Enzo


Sponsor: Melissa and Todd

Pig: Morty

Morty (1).jpg

Sponsor: Megan Reichman

Pig: Larry


Sponsors: Bloomfield Elementary School

4th Grade Class 

Pig: Gordy

gordy (2).JPG

Sponsors: Jill Hembrook 

Pig: Junior

Junior (1).JPG

Sponsor: Jill Hembrook 

Pig: Liam

Liam (1).JPG

Sponsors: Dan and Jeanette Myshrall
Pig Shelter for PrimRose and Majesty


Sponsor: Megan Reichman
Pig: LuLu (Lucy)


Sponsor: Marnie Striet
Pig: Pork Chop

Pork chop.JPG